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Vinyl Replacement Windows

From large mega-manufacturers like Pella, Andersen and Simonton to smaller local window manufacturers like Don Young and Home Craftsman, Adams Exteriors provides and installs energy efficient windows at budget prices.

You have probably heard of Pella and Andersen, but have you heard of Ellison, Royal and Alside? If not, it's probably because the most familiar window companies manufacture "New Construction Windows". Replacement Windows are as different from New Construction Windows as a car is to a motorcycle. When your home was built, the New Construction Windows were nailed into place before the brick was installed around them. Adams Exteriors specializes in the art of carefully removing each old window and installing better-built and more energy efficient vinyl windows as a replacement. When this is done correctly, there is no damage to brick, wood or sheetrock and no additional work is necessary.

The question that we like to ask our potential customers is "How expensive are your old inefficient windows"? In other words, if your current windows are so bad that your utility bills are twice as high as they should be, can you afford NOT to replace them? If you're ready to invest in new energy efficient replacement windows, Adams Exteriors would like to offer our services. We have been family owned and locally operated in the Dallas area since 1990. Our reputation for honesty and reliability is second to none and our BBB report is pristine.

Our Window Estimates are competitive, detailed, free and valid for one year. We do not pressure our potential customers to sign any contracts without taking time to consider every option and we always give our best price up-front.

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Soundproof Windows

No matter how well your home was built, your windows are the "weak link". Fortunately, some of the same things that make a window energy efficient can also make it sound efficient.

Have you noticed that things are getting LOUDER!? If you live in a large city, close to a main road, near an airport or next to a barking dog you have probably thought about soundproof windows. Maybe your bedroom window is near a pool pump or air conditioner that both seem to get even louder at night when you're trying to sleep. Maybe you just don't want to wake the baby. Adams Exteriors can offer multiple options for making things more quiet.

There are soundproof replacement windows that take the place of your existing windows. There are also soundproof "inserts" that are installed INSIDE of your existing window. This is a good option if you live in a condo or high-rise and don't have the option of removing the old new construction window. Different styles of windows can be more soundproof and different configurations can also help.

Besides soundproof windows, plantation shutter and theatrical curtains might be an option. No matter how you eventually choose to solve the problem, Adams Exteriors can help point you in the right direction.

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Vinyl Windows vs Aluminum Windows

The question that we answer most is about the durability of Vinyl Windows compared to Aluminum Windows. Of course, they look different but do vinyl windows hold up well enough to justify the extra expense?

The easy answer is this: Vinyl Windows are far more durable than Aluminum. Simply consider how conductive Aluminum Windows are. During the hottest hours of every summer day, the silicone seal that binds the glass to the aluminum frame heats up and melts. The seal then corrects itself when it recongeals at night during the cooler temperatures. This happens every day, month, year after year... until eventually the seal doesn't recongeal correctly and your window fails. It's not long before you start to feel a draft and see moisture build up on the window.

Vinyl Windows are not nearly as conductive as aluminum. This means that each summer day the temperature rises but the Aluminum stays relatively cool and the seal never breaks down. Vinyl Windows almost always include energy efficient "Low E" glass and Argon Gas between the two window panes, making even the glass more efficient. Vinyl Windows require almost no maintenance, never need to be painted and include a lifetime warranty. Vinyl Windows pay for themselves over time and add beauty and value to your home. What's better than that?

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Vinyl Window Colors

Wonder why Vinyl Windows are usually only offered in a couple of colors?

Vinyl is a petroleum based product, meaning that vinyl windows are literally made out of oil. We all know that dark colors absorb heat and responsible window manufacturers have historically been afraid that darker vinyl colors will absorb too much heat, causing the window to warp over time.

To get around this problem, many manufacturers developed a way of applying a colored laminate to the outside of their vinyl windows. Recently, some manufacturers have begun painting the vinyl with special heat-resistant acrylic paints. In our opinion, window colors are dangerous. Until at least 5 years passes without reported incidents of vinyl window warping, we will continue to warn our customers. There might be no problem at all but to ignore the danger of dark vinyl would be irresponsible.

Having said that, every window manufacturer builds windows that are White, Tan and sometimes Clay. These are the actual vinyl colors, meaning that the window frames are not painted. These 2 and sometimes 3 colors are the least expensive by far.

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Good Sense

Can you afford new windows? Maybe the question should be: Can you afford your existing windows?

How much are you overpaying your utility company each month to heat / cool your home if your current windows are broken down and inefficient?

Old windows can be much more expensive than replacement windows in the long term.

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